Fit Yummy Mummy Review – The Truth On Holly Rigsby’s System

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Reviewed By Anna R.

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If you are looking for a weight loss program to lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy then I guess that you already heard about Fit Yummy Mummy by Holly Rigsby – one of the most popular fitness programs for women available online today.

You probably already checked some Fit Yummy Mummy reviews on the web and I guess that at least 95% of them told you that Fit Yummy Mummy by Holly Rigsby is the easiest way to lose your extra pounds fast and easily.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you that, but you shouldn’t believe to all of those reviews on Fit Yummy Mummy.
After all, nowadays it is quite simple for many people to post fake testimonials on the internet.

I am not saying that Holly Rigsby does that, however I guess that about 85-90% of the people which reviewed the Fit Yummy Mummy system didn’t even try following the program for one minute!

I purchased the Fit Yummy Mummy program several months ago and in this Fit Yummy Mummy review I’ll share with you my personal thoughts about Holly Rigsby’s fitness system and talk with you about the good and bad points of Fit Yummy Mummy so that you can understand better if this weight loss program is actually for you.

Keep in mind that this is just my personal review, if you’re looking for the official site of the Fit Yummy Mummy program then please Click Here.

Now, before talking about the pros and cons of Fit Yummy Mummy let’s firstly understand better what this product exactly is.

What Exactly Is The Fit Yummy Mummy Program?fit yummy mummy program

Developed by Holly Rigsby, a famous trainer, fitness expert and single mom, Fit Yummy Mummy is a 16-week weight-loss system which was created specifically for mothers who wish to return to their pre-birth shape.

The main guide of the Fit Yummy Mummy system is a 110 page eBook which shows you step-by-step what you have to do to shed your baby fat and get your lovely body back, and in short listed below are the primary sections that you will discover in the Fit Yummy Mummy main guide:

The Basics Of The Fit Yummy Mummy Programfit yummy mummy holly rigsby

Holly Rigsby starts her guide with a quick “getting started” chapter and goal setting section.

In this part of her guide Holly Rigsby provides you with important techniques to manage your time better and balance it with the family during the time you will use her Fit Yummy Mummy program. In addition she also gives some morale boosting tips on how you can stay on track throughout her program.

The following section of the Fit Yummy Mummy main guide is focused on nutrition and here Holly Rigsby covers virtually every conceivable nutrition issue, from how many times you should eat to what you need to keep in your pantry.
This part of the Fit Yummy Mummy book also contains the ‘Create a Menu Planner’ which will guide you in creating every meal you need to support your success.

The 3rd part of Holly Rigsby’s guide is all about workout and exercises.
Here the Fit Yummy Mummy weight loss exercises are covered, including helpful tips on how you can fit them into your life-style, as well as in-depth explanations regarding why each aspect of exercise is essential.

In the 4th and last section of the Fit Yummy Mummy main guide Holly Rigsby provides you with different tools you can use to help you make progress on your plan, including: a personal fitness journal, goal setting tools, workout explanations, ready to use grocery list and several other tools you might use.

Overall, as you can see, the Fit Yummy Mummy main guide covers a lot of topics and contains a lot of information.

However, is Holly Rigsby’s program any different than all of those other weight-loss programs which promise a lot but deliver just a little?

Well, to answer this question and to give you a better idea if the Fit Yummy Mummy program is really for you or not, let’s talk about several of the pros and cons of Fit Yummy Mummy.

The Pros Of The Fit Yummy Mummy Programholly rigsby

Highly Flexible Exercise Program

For me, the best thing about Fit Yummy Mummy is the flexibility of this fitness system. The exercise program takes just 90 minutes each week and you can follow it in your own home easily and without the need for expensive gear.

In addition these 90 minutes can be done in short time intervals such as three half hour sessions done 3 times per week or two 15 minute workouts two times a day if you prefer it this way.

Another great thing about the Fit Yummy Mummy workout program is that Holly Rigsby includes different formats of workout plans in the main guide, and therefore regardless of your exercise background there are workouts which designed especially for your condition.

This is something that I personally found to be very unique and this flexibility will allow you to tailor the Fit Yummy Mummy workout program to fit your lifestyle without any sacrifices.

Complete And Extensive Weight Loss Program

In my opinion, one of the greatest things about the Fit Yummy Mummy program is that in contrast to many weight loss programs which don’t give you the full story, this informative program contains everything you need to know if you really wish to return to your pre-birth shape.

Besides the great nutrition plan and exercise program you’re also going to understand extremely important things such as why you shouldn’t skip meals and why it is essential to have specific muscles to help you burn up extra fat.

This information is something that any woman needs to know and it can really help you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals more quickly.

The Main Guide Is Very Clear And Easy To Follow

One of the biggest problems with many fitness guides is that they are not user-friendly and usually hard to understand.

However, I won’t say that this is the case with Holly Rigsby’s Fit Yummy Mummy program.
The main guide of the program is written in concise and plain English and it is really one of the easiest to follow guides I’ve came across so far.

In addition, inside the Fit Yummy Mummy guide you will find many photos and descriptions which will help you to make sure that you are doing every little thing right and get the most out of the program.

The Customer Support Is Very Good

Another thing that I’ve personally found to be very helpful is the customer support from Holly Rigsby and the Fit Yummy Mummy customer support team.

I really appreciate the fact that Holly Rigsby provides her customers a specific “customers only” contact address and if you have any kind of question while following the Fit Yummy Mummy system you can always send an email and most of the time to get an answer in less than 12 hours from my experience.

Fit Yummy Mummy Comes With Full Money Back Guarantee

The Fit Yummy Mummy program comes with two months of full money-back guarantee and if for any reason this weight-loss system won’t help you to get the desired results you can actually get a full refund with no questions asked.

Personally, I feel that this is a decent money back guarantee and it can tell about the quality of the Fit Yummy Mummy program and also about the confidence that Holly Rigsby has in her program.

The Cons Of Fit Yummy Mummyfit yummy mummy review

Can Be A Little Bit Overwhelming

Like I have already told you before, the Fit Yummy Mummy main guide is easy to follow and user-friendly.
However, the main guide, as well as the other bonus manuals, contains a lot of information and I personally found it a bit overwhelming at first.

People who are trying to find a quick start type of program might be a bit intimated in the beginning and it can take some time to go through all the information included in the Fit Yummy Mummy program.

Requires Determination And Work

While the Fit Yummy Mummy program is very flexible, you still need to follow the exact directions from Holly Rigsby and to be ready to put in the efforts required for making this process a success.

You must understand that Holly Rigsby’s Fit Yummy Mummy program isn’t a “magical solution” or even something of that nature.

Available For Purchase Only Online

One thing you should know is that at this time you can only buy the Fit Yummy Mummy program on the internet and you will not find this fitness program at fitness and health stores.

The Bottom Line – Should You Try The Fit Yummy Mummy Program?fit yummy mummy results

Well, my answer is… Maybe.

I know that it’s not a “fair answer”, but this is what I really think and let me explain you why.

Firstly, I must admit that for me the Fit Yummy Mummy program was really helpful and in almost 3 months I lost a total of 19.8lbs, much more than what I expected!

I personally believe that Fit Yummy Mummy is one of a very few weight loss programs that truly understand the specific conditions mothers face and in return offers friendly, informative, and commonsensical solution.

There are many things that I really like about this program and on top of them are the flexibility of the workout system, the great nutrition advice and the very helpful customer support from Holly Rigsby.

However, I must warn you that The Fit Yummy Mummy program is NOT a “magic bullet” or something of that nature and you must realize that you won’t get any results without determination and commitment.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for one of those “hyped up weight loss programs for mothers” who promise you will lose all of your pregnancy weight in only 10 days then don’t purchase the Fit Yummy Mummy program by Holly Rigsby, it simply not for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a proven weight loss program for mothers who really want to lose their pregnancy weight naturally and safely, and you’re also ready to put in the work required toward your final goal, then there is no doubt that Holly Rigsby’s Fit Yummy Mummy program can really help you to get amazing results.

Moreover, with the full money-back guarantee from Holly Rigsby and the special limited time offer for the complete Fit Yummy Mummy system there’s really nothing to lose and you can actually start following the Fit Yummy Mummy workout program even today!

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I hope that my Fit Yummy Mummy review was useful for you, feel free to share your own experience with the Fit Yummy Mummy program or to ask any question about Holly Rigsby’s system below.

I wish you the best!


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